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The End, my beautiful friend! All good stories have to come to an end. The MSX Games bOX isn't anymore. The MSX Games bOX is dead. Dead? Yes, dead as such. No! No! No! I'm lying to you... The MSX Games bOX has become Passion MSX! Yes, Passion MSX! Check it out now and find back all the great content and so much more on the new MSX community website I've been working on with mars2000 since October last year! See you there!

The new OneChip MSX has been announced and looks extremelly promising. Specifications: MSX2 with 256Kb RAM, Kanji support, MSX-DOS2 support, PS/2 connection, 2 MSX joystick ports, 2 MSX cartridge slots, SD/MMC flahscard slot with native FAT16 suppor in MSX-DOS 2, Composite and S-VHS TV output, 2 cinch audio outputs, FPGA I/O pin (40 pins and 10 pins), 2 USB ports, 32Mb SDRAM.
For more information: MRC; D4 Enterprise; Bazix

On the gaming side, MSXdev'06 continues to attract a lot of attention. The first finished game being Operation Wolf, a 2D horizontal shooter from ToyBox. Other announced titles for this contest are: Monster Hunter and Squeez. The French fans of MSX Café are also working on Penguin Café. Stay tuned!

Other gaming projects in the make and that have been recently announced include Merin's World (puzzle aventure) and Target Area (RPG) and X-Tazy (shooter) .

To end today's news, Jordi Victori has beaten the MSX Games bOX High-Score of Hyper Olympic 1 which will be hard to challenge! And if you feel like trying to beat his other hall-of-fame scores he achieved over the last 20 years, feel free to play (without any cheats) and e-mail me your score! Here you go: Hyper-Sports1 (740200 pts), Hyper Sports 2 415330), Hyper Sports 3 (370910), Knightmare: 1307309 (stage24), Yie Ar Kung Fu 1 (1005400), Fruit Panic (110500), Ninja Kage (12030) and Galaxian (24310).

For the third consecutive year, MSXDEV, the MSX1 games developement contest takes place again with a fabulous MSX Turbo-R to win. Participants have until 31 December 2006 to submit their games (compatible with the minimum MSX configuration). To date, already 6 cool projects have been announced of which TT-Virus (Shoot'em up), Cyberware (Platform Shooting Adventure), Lux (Platform Fun Game), Title-Unknown (Platform-Adventure), Dash! (Boulderdash clone) and Malaika (Platform).
Also, I am pleased as webmaster of The MSX Games bOX to be part of this years' jury to evaluate all entries together with Cas Cremers and Jesùs Peréz Rosales.
Last news of the day, the discovery of a new MSX model referenced nowhere on the web: the Sakhr Al-Alamiah AX-660, very similar to the AX-990 model featuring both a MSX and Sega MegaDrive cartridge slot!

There has been some MSX gaming news since the beginning of the year I haven't talked about. First, Bitwise re-released two excellent MATRA games whose names probably ring you a bell: Ark-a-Noah and Sex Bomb Bunny. In the same time, they also took the 'risk' to produce two new MSX1 games on tapes: Bloody Paws and INK. Mid-January another long in development game was released by DeltaSoft in the name of Konami Quiz 2 - The Lost cartridges. Also, coming from Brazil are Abu Simbel Profanation and Breakfree, both released by ICON Games. Most of those games are available as demo versions on the respective website.

MSXart'06 is off to a new season and a great new challenge! Get ready for the fourth edition of this graphic design contest organised for the first time between The MSX Games bOX and The MSX Resource Center with the logistical support of MSX Café.
This is your unique chance and opportunity to
get your art published on the first ever printed 2007 MSX Calendar and maybe even win a copy of it! And, that's not all, this is your chance to win one of the two MSX t-shirts the MRC offers to the best 2 artworks.
MSXart'06 is the art contest of choice of and for every MSX fan! Join in and show us your best drawing talents and get your creative published on the 2007 MSX Calendar! Submissions Deadline: July 2nd, 2006.
Don't wait the last minute to start work!

  • MSXart'06 Wallpaper Contest (PC-made), organised by The MSX Games bOX.
  • MSXart'06 Drawing Contest (MSX-made), organised by The MSX Resource Center.
  • 05/01/2006
    Happy New Year from The MSX Games bOX! Thank you to all 57,701 unique visitors that visited this site last year! The MSX Games bOX enters its 9th year of existence. In 2006, I will essentially concentrate on the organisation of MSXart'06 and maintain the homebrew MSX Gaming List.
    Other MSX activities will naturally include my new site, MSX Café, which has proven to be a huge success since it was launched in October 2005. Non-French speakers are more than welcome to pay a visit and discover the many great sections of MSX Café: An extensive picture gallery (museum; scans of french magazines and fanzines; cheats, cool artworks of which a fantastic 2006 wall calendar), a cool Download zone (homebrew games; french games; TV commercials... - members only), a live MSX Radio with over 150 songs (members only), a very active forum, a chatroom (members only), online MSX quizzes, links, articles, and many many new surprises to come in 2006. Don't hesitate to join the other 55 members registered to date!

    Check the archives here.

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