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Some of the most frequently asked questions!

The MSX Games bOX Recommends:
The Ultimate MSX FAQ
There is no better place than this one to find an answer to your questions!

The MSX bOX answers some questions:
What does MSX stand for?
Machines with Software eXchangeability
How do I format a real MSX floppy disk?
Start your emulator in MSX Disk Basic (Blue screen). You will need a Double Density floppy disk (720Kb). If you don't have one, you can always cover the upper left hole of a High Density Disk (1,4 Mb) with tape.
To format the disk, proceed as follows :
1. Type 'Call Format' and press ENTER
2. Choose 'Drive A'
3. Choose 'Double Sided Format (720Kb)' or 'Single Sided Format (360Kb)'
4. Insert your floppy disk in your A Drive of your PC.
5. Press any key and your floppy disk will start to format !
Why aren't there any games for download in The MSX Games bOX?
The MSX Games bOX has never been a download site as such. Although we have hosted a number of games for download in the past, our new philosophy is to continue this site as being a games news site and at the same time being a sort of museum dedicated to MSX games.
How do I compile a ROM file into EXE?
This question is often asked and unfortunately I am not an expert to answer it. All I know is that you need a special "SDK" pack, called DAO, which will help to recompile MSX games. The other thing you need is a Borland Assembler and Link and naturally some knowledge of MSX coding to complete analysis of the games (courtesy of Valerye Bostan who recompiled many MSX games). I have never tried the process but I can remember that I once encountered the software on a MSX site, but I can't remind which one ! However, I think the process is quite hard since if it would not, all MSX games would already been compiled. All compiled games I know are on this site. If you know any other, please let me know.
How do I run games that extensions in .bin, .bas or .ldr?
Those files are the most difficult to run and you will have to work a bit to get started. If you find a zip archive of a game that contains many files like game.bas, game.001 etc... then follow those instructions:
1. Format a MSX Floppy Disk (Read 'How to format a MSX Disk' Section to proceed)
2. Copy all files of the games you want to play on it.
3. Launch fMSX or your preferred emulator with with your PC 'A' Drive as MSX 'A' Drive.
4. Type the correct command for the game you want to play (in MSX Disk Basic).

* load"gamename.bas",r followed by ENTER for a BAS game
* bload'gamename.bin",r followed by ENTER for a BIN game
* load"gamename.ldr",r followed by ENTER for a LDR game