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>> Welcome to The MSX Museum bOX !

This very special section is dedicated to all MSX models that have ever been manufactured. The aim is to list all known MSX models with possibly a picture to make this one of the most comprehensive photo database.
accessible through:

To view the models, just click on the manufacturer name on top and you will get a thumbnail display and some basic characteristics of each specific model.

I aknowledge not all pictures are of best quality and some of the characteristics might be wrong or incomplete but again, I just do this for the fun and to help MSX users worldwide identifying easily known and less known MSXes.

If you would like to contribute to the list with:

  1. Better pictures
  2. Missing pictures or models
  3. Updating technical characteristics

    please feel free to contact me by using the online form

To date there are 265 models listed on The MSX Museum bOX and 207 have a picture!